Bank Management: Prospective seminar for bankers

Propositions made by

Mathieu Paquerot

(Université de La Rochelle)

Gerard Lattes, Oliver Bruno

(University of Nice, France);

Olga Onoshko (BSUEL, Russia)


The aim is to make so that the auditors work by team of 5 or 6 persons on several subjects.

For each subjects proposed,

        they will have to make a work in team

        give a report of 6 pages

        and make a presentation in front of the other participants (20 minutes)

        A debate animated by the teacher will help the participants to improve their knowledge

Unite 1.                     Strategy

A)   Teacher will present Porters strategic analysis to the auditors

        Classical SWOT analysis

        Main strategies

1)     Present a SWOT analysis of your bank

        Each team will present its analysis to the classroom

        The teacher will help them to clarify some points

        A discussion with the classroom have to be organized


2)     Subject 1 : Identification of the competitors in the bank industry in Russia

        The different kind of bank on the Russian market

        Their market share

        Their strategies (national and international)

        Their market (geographical market, customers, )

        Their differentiation tools

B)   Transaction cost theory (TCT) (see additional materials: strategy of services)

        The teacher can present TCT

        And its application to strategy

C)   Innovation theory (see additional materials: strategy of services)

        The teacher can present some aspects about innovation in some industries

        The different kind of innovation

3)     Identification of the latest innovation of your bank

        Present the 5 latest innovations in your bank

        Present the benefits of these innovations for :

        Your bank

        Your customers

        You can use the transaction cost approach ( Money, Time, Risk) to structure your analysis

        What do you think of these innovations?

4)     Proposition of 3 innovations

        For each innovation you will give details about :

        The advantages in terms of transaction costs for

o      your bank

o      and your customers

        you will explain how these innovations can help to increase your differentiation

        you will explain what kind of resources you need to involve in this process

        you will estimate how the competitors can imitate your innovation and how you can try to avoid this to append.

D)   Resources and competences Theory (see additional materials: strategy of services)

        The teacher will present the theory (Hamel and Prahalad)

        And its implication in strategy analysis

5)     Analyze your bank in terms of resources

        Try to identify the resources of your bank (network of agencies, financial resources, political resources, )

        Try to identify and explain the main competences of your bank

        A discussion with the classroom is necessary

E)   Sustainable Management and your bank (see additional materials: strategy of services)

        The teacher will present some aspects about sustainable management

6)     Proposition of sustainable management in your bank

        Make 3 propositions about sustainable management to implement in your bank

        What resources and competences do you need

        What kind of differentiation can it provide for your company

        How do you communicate on this actions to your customers


F)    Merger and acquisition between banks in Russia

        The teacher will explain the different kind of merger

        The main motivations of mergers

7)     Mergers in Bank Industry in Russia

        Analyze the latest one and their impact for the sector and the competitors

        What are the next mergers in your opinion and why?

        What could be their impact on your bank?

Unite 2.                     Marketing

A)   Segmentation

        The teacher present the deferent kinds of segmentation

8)     Segmentation in your bank

        Present the segmentation of your customers in your bank

        Present the advantages and the limits of this segmentation

        Present the different way you use this segmentation in your bank

        If you had to improve your segmentation explain what you would like to change and why

B)   Individuals or family (See additional Presentation)

        The teacher will present the two approaches

9)     What is your approach about family in your bank

        What kind of approach do you have?


        What could you improve in this approach?

C)   Event Marketing (See additional Presentation)

        The teacher will explain the principles

10) Event marketing in your bank

        Apply it to your customers from their birth until their death

D)   New services for customers (See additional Presentation)

        The teacher will explain the news services provide to customers in Europe and USA

11) New services propositions

        Present 3 propositions of new services for your customers

        Use the transaction cost approach to present the advantages for your customers and for the bank


E)   Customer loyalty (See additional materials (M.P.s first article))

        The teacher present some aspects about customer loyalty strategies

12) Retention of customers

        What does your bank to keep its customers?

        What is the percentage of customers that quit the bank in the year?

        Why do they quit?

        What are the profile of the customer that quit?

        What can you do to avoid this? (3 propositions)


13) Present a proposition of Customer loyalty program in your bank

        Make some propositions of Customer loyalty program in your bank

        Explain the resources and competencies you need to involve in the program

        Explain the effect in terms of differentiation for your bank

        Explain the competitive advantages it implies for your bank

        Try to identify the cost of this program for your bank

F)    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) (See additional materials (M.P.s last article)

        The teacher will explain the concepts of CRM

        The different channels to provide services to customers

        The problems of CRM

o      Coordination of the different channels

o      Information system problems

o      The repartition of power in the organization

o      The centralization of information about customers

o      (See Mathieu last article)

14) Analyze the CRM of your bank

        Identify the different channels used by your bank

        Identify the role of each channel

        Identify the 5 main problems your organization has to face with CRM

        Propose some solutions to cope with these problems

G)  Phone platform

15) You have to create a new phone platform for your customers

        Explain the principles

        What kind of services do you provides through this phone platform?

        What complementarities do you provide between this phone platform and the bank agencies network?

        What kind of resources do you need?

H)   E-banking

        The teacher will present the main e-banking strategies in Europe and USA or Asia

16) Propose a e-banking strategy for your bank

        Define the target

        Define the competitors

        Explain your strategy

I)       Customers recruitment campaign

17) Your campaign

        Define the target

        Define your strategy

        Define the resources you need

        Explain the organization and the incentive system for the employees (if there is one)

        Analyze your proposition for the customer with the transaction cost theory


J)    Management of conflicts with customers

18) Conflicts

        Explain the different kind of conflicts with your customers

        Explain the strategy of your bank for each kind of conflict

        What kind of resources are involved in the process?

        What kind of competencies do you need from the employees?

        How do you develop or increase this competencies

Unite 3.                     Management


19) Employees Ages pyramid in your bank



        What does it means for recruitments in

o      5 years

o      10 years

o      15 years

o      20 years

        What do you plan to do about it ?

20) New competences of the human resources

        Identify the elements of the environment that can imply some new needs in terms of competences (information technologies, demography, )

        Identify the news needs

        How can you create or recruit theses new competences

21) Careers evolution in your bank


22) Main management problems in human resource management in bank



        What do you propose to face the three main problems you have identify