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Special Training for New Market Oriented Institutions

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At the present time Russia is in process of gradual transition to market relations. In this connection it is urgent to solve the problems related to the reformation of the most significant groups of institutions such as Institution of innovation development, Institution of property evaluation, Institution of corporate governance and Banking system which are the prospective fields of economic development of Russia. But the development of these economic institutions is impossible without providing practitioners with appropriate professional training, as the main part of them was educated in the Soviet period of plannedcommanded economy and is not able to realize business activity in new market conditions effectively.
At the same time partner Universities have a great potential including substantioal material resourses, experience in sphere of updating the qualification of practitioners and existing Centres of Further (long life) Education which may be used for Centres of Institution Building establishment with the purpose of development and delivery of special training courses for mature specialists who are employed in sphere of innovation management, evaluation activity, corporate governance and Banking system. Thus, the necessity of practitioners’ advanced trainig and the opportuninty to use partner Universities’ potential led to the project proposal to develop special training courses for the purpose of updating the qualification of mature specialists.
Established consortium includes: University of Genova, Genova, Italy (Project Contractor), Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law, Khabarovsk, Russia (Project Coordinator), Link Campus University of Malta, Rome, Italy, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, Nice, France, Technical University of Kosice, Kosice, Slovakia, Ufa State Aviation Technical University, Ufa, Russia, Baikal State University of Economics and Law, Irkutsk, Russia, Altai State Technical University named after I. Polzunov, Barnaul, Russia, Fond for Support of Innovations, Ufa, Russia, Khabarovsk Regional Branch of the Russian Adjusters Society, Khabarovsk, Russia, Coordinating Banking Council under the Governor of Irkutsk Region, Irkutsk, Russia, Labour Department of the Administration of Altai Territory, Barnaul, Russia, Individual expert (Mr. Horst Brezinski), University of Freiberg .
Non-acadenic partners incuded in the Consortium will provide the interaction with organizations which staff will be the trainees of the developed soecial training courses and render assistance in recruiting new trainees.
Meantime situation in Russian system of higher education substantially differs from European standards. Due to the lack of two level training and the lack of module system it is rather complicated to adapt educational methodologies and approaches to European models of education. Educational experience of European partner universities could contribute a lot into implementation of this Project. The wider objective of the project is to promote the development of innovation development institution, institution of property evaluation, corporate governance institution and Banking system in economy of Russia.
Project-specific objectives include the establishment of Centre of Institution Building at each partner University on the basis of existing Centres of Further (life long) Education, development of 16 new shortterm special training courses according to European standards for the purpose of updating theoretical knowledge and practical skills of non-academic staff, delivery of 16 new short-term special training courses to target trainees in Centers of Institution Building. Target trainees of special training courses is non-academic staff employed in the sphere of Innovation activity, Evaluation activity, Corporate governance and in Banking system.
The achievement of Project objectives will meet a great interest of all Project partners. The achievement of set the project objectives requires to carry out the following activities:
1. East-West visits of partner Universities' teachers to European Universities.
2. Development of 16 new short-term special training courses for practitioners of Russia.
3. Approval of new training courses.
4. “Centres of Institutional Building” establishment.
5. Delivery of new training courses.
6. Visits of courses' supervisors from European Universities to partner Universities of Russia.
7. Dissemination workshops.
8. Management of the project.
9. Project web-site design.

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